Effectively Creating An OHS Management System


Establishing a clear and efficient OHS management system with Australian and Global Standards is crucial in creating a workplace environment that encourages your employees to be productive and safe. Not only can the right management system help you avoid employee injury and legal problems, but it can also help you promote efficiency. An OHS management system may also be known as a WHS management system and is a series of guidelines and statements in a systemised format that can help prepare your workplace for any hazards that may occur throughout the course of a project. While many beginning business owners will have difficulty establishing such a series of procedures in their safety plans, the truth is that it can be easy to proceed with the right guidelines in mind.

Consider some of the following when you are preparing to establish your plan, and remember to work with the assistance of management professionals in your group when you want to fine tune it. Almost all of these plans are established with the long term in mind, as the generalized procedures can apply to a variety of different future projects and scenarios. As such, it is crucial for you to keep your plan updated and constantly work to improve the system in order to establish the best possible working procedures for your employees to follow.

Getting Started With the Policy

In order to set the framework for your safety management system, it is important to make sure that you prepare to address a series of criteria for your system to follow. A good WHS management plan will involve senior management and other related representatives during your preparation of the policy. This will help ensure that your property is established with the right principles and references in mind, and that you have the chance to be more thorough during your preparations. Make sure that as you prepare your health and safety system, it remains consistent not only with the project’s objectives, but also the general workplace environment that you have established in your group.

It needs to be relevant with the workplace’s basic needs, keeping the workplace’s policy objectives in mind as the guidelines are established in the working environment. Having references to work with and outlining them throughout the course of your plan will ensure that you are in compliance with all regulations as they pertain to the project and your company. Remember to be as clear and thorough as possible. You will want to make sure that there are no grey areas as they pertain to the workplace health and safety policies, ensuring that all guidelines are established in clear and defining language.

Defining the Statements

A safe work method statement template which can also be known as an SWMS Template, should provide as clear an indication of the company’s hazard management and risk control measures as much as possible. You should strive to mention the personal care that your management will take when it comes to addressing and establishing hazard controls. Make sure that you communicate the mission statements and professional responsibilities that all management specialists involved in the creation of the policies have established. During the creation of these considerations, it is important for you to consult and cooperate with each other, making sure that everything is unanimous before it is applied in writing.

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